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Our Approach
Our Approach to Legal Counsel
When we take on your case, we work for you. The law firm of Dissinger and Dissinger is committed to providing you with the highest standard of professional legal counsel and service.

We achieve this high level of legal service through an open, trusting and fully-informed relationship which we strive to establish with each client.

One of the most important aspects of this confidential relationship is to educate the client regarding the legal aspects of their case. We carefully explain the law, the legal options and the specifics as they pertain to your case. The better informed our clients, the better our clients are able to help us present their case.

We encourage our clients to ask questions and be actively involved in the resolution of their legal issues. We understand that the circumstances that cause the need for legal representation are often a source of stress for our clients.

We work with you as a team, providing support through the legal strength and expertise you need to help you understand the legal issues and process.

28 North Thirty-Second Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011      ph: 717.975.2840   
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Pittsburgh, PA       ph: 412.951.1949
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